A hidden gem in the heart of Armagh

Visiting Milford House is a truly magical experience. The house was the wonder of its age. Experience the world of the first house in Ireland to have hydroelectricity. Marvel at the first telephone system in the County and immerse yourself in the lives of fascinating people. The staircase leads up to the dramatic magnificence Drawing Room lit by the first electric chandeliers in Ulster.

Milford House 3 Victoria Street in the conservation area of Armagh city. It was here William McCrum of Milford House spent his last days after loosing the family fortune in the Wall Street crash. It is close to other prominent buildings associated with the McCrum family of Milford House including The First Presbyterian Church (which the family paid half the running costs of), various grand residences on the Mall where family members resided and various institutions they supported. The newly restored McCrum grave is located five minutes walk away at St. Marks Church. It is two miles from Milford House and village.